CHePiCC Summer School: Cultural Heritage Protection in Climate Change


Chiara Bertolin
Norwegian University of Science and Technology
America Califano
Norwegian University of Science and Technology; University of Padua
Markus Schwai


condition monitoring, structural integrity, historical structures, climate change, summer university school


The concept of the Cultural Heritage Protection in Climate Change (CHePiCC) School focuses on built cultural heritage as integral part of cultural landscapes and vice versa, both seriously affected by climate change and related natural catastrophes. Climate change itself is the connecting element and affects both cultural landscapes and cultural heritage. Higher Education (HE) students are given the chance to learn about applicable maintenance, preparedness and preservation measures by developing tailored measures for a given site and by implementing and actually testing their ideas. The concept focuses on the effects of climate change in a certain climate zone, and develops possibilities to teach sustainable, eco-friendly and cost-efficient preparedness measures for built cultural heritage and maintenance measures for cultural landscapes. The whole concept is hybrid, student-centred, following a strict hands-on approach and is research based. The entire concept of the School can easily be transferred to other frameworks.


2 October 2022


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