Mathematical Physics: Volume I - Analytical Methods


Dragoslav Kuzmanović
Retired professor, Serbia
Ivan Obradović
Retired professor, Serbia
Dobrika Nikolić
Faculty of Mining and Geology, Serbia
Mihailo Lazarević
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Belgrade, Serbia


Mathematical Physics, Analytical Methods


This book is mainly based on the material initially published in Serbian, in 2021, by the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Mining and Geology, under the title Mathematical Physics (Theory and Examples). For the purpose of this book the material from the Serbian edition was reviewed, amended, and translated, with new material added in two final chapters in the second volume. We have divided text into two separate volumes:

  • Mathematics of Physics - Analytical Methods
  • Mathematics of Physics - Numerical Methods.

The first volume consists of 8 chapters:

- The first 7 chapters were written by Dragoslav Kuzmanovi´c, Dobrica Nikoli´c and Ivan Obradovi´c, and correspond to the text from Chapters 1-8 of the Serbian edition, translated by Ivan Obradovi´c.
- The material of Chapter 8, which is of a monographic character, corresponds to the material of Chapter 9 in the Serbian edition, but was thoroughly reviewed and rewritten in English by Mihailo Lazarevi´c.

The second volume consists of 6 chapters:

- The first 3 chapters were written by Aleksandar Sedmak and correspond to Chapter 10 of the Serbian edition, restructured and reviewed, and then translated by Simon Sedmak.
- Chapter 4 corresponds to the text of Chapter 11 of the Serbian edition, written and translated by Nikola Mladenovi´c.
- Chapters 5 and 6, written by Rade Vignjevi´c and Sreten Mastilovi´c, respectively, offer completely new material.

Chapters 4, 5 and 6 are of a monographic character.



20 November 2022




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