Crack Paths 2015


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Fracture, Structural Integrity, Crack Paths, Fatigue


The Fifth International Conference on Crack Paths

Ferrara (Italy), 16 - 18 September, 2015

Crack growth can take place under both static and fatigue loading. The complete solution of a crack growth problem includes the determination of the path taken by the crack. The crack path in critical components or structures where crack propagation occurs (offshore, bridges, etc.) can determine whether failure is benign or catastrophic. Knowledge of potential crack paths is also needed for the selection of appropriate non-destructive testing procedures. This Conference follows the Conferences in Parma in 2003 and 2006, Vicenza in 2009, and Gaeta in 2012. Special issues of international journals have been devoted to work presented at those Conferences.


11 October 2022



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